Five Faint Beauty Basics - 5 Steps to Clear Skin

Here are the Five Faint Beauty Basics to Naturally Glowing Skin that we live by:

1. Always Be Gentle on your Skin! Avoid makeup remover wipes, instead use cream-based cleansers or cleansing balms. Avoid harsh scrubs. Try not to pull or tug on your face. Did you know that the best sleep position to prevent wrinkles is to sleep on your back?

2. Keep it simple in the Morning! Avoid harsh cleansers in the AM. A simple splash of water to refresh your skin before applying your serums, moisturizers and SPF goes a long way in maintaining your natural oils and hydration throughout the day. Always apply your Vitamin C serum in the morning to clean, damp skin to brighten your glow! We think you'll love our Lira Clinical BIO Hydra C Serum. Followed by your daily moisturizer and SPF. Try our Lira Clinical SPF Solar Shield 30 Classic Tintour best-selling daily SPF30 Moisturizer! OR if you prefer an organic SPF-Free Daily Moisturizer try our most gentle Goat's Milk Moisturizer by Little Seed Farm.  Oh and don't forget to moisturize your lips! We recommend Lira Clinical BIO Lip Factor, your lips can thank us later!

3. Refresh your skin throughout the day! Feeling dry? Use a hydrating facial mist generously throughout the day to maintain a dewy glow. Our favorite is Lira Clinical BIO Hydrating Mineral Mist. Always be prepared to re-apply all SPF after 2 hours of sun exposure, and never leave the house without your lip balm! Feeling oily? Be sure to carry oil-blotting pads to gently dab away excess oils throughout the day. Avoid heavy moisturizers, but don’t shy away from oil based cleansers as your first wash in a double cleanse! Note: For oily skin, we recommend our Lira ICE Balancing Lotion be used daily in leiu of a heavier daily moisturizer.

4. Always wash your face before bed! If you're approaching 30, over 30, or if you will ever be 30 (got ya there!)... there is never a better time than now to establish a solid bedtime routine for your skincare and your self-care. Your routine should always include cleaning your face and removing the day's impurities before going to sleep! We have some amazing gentle cleansers that remove makeup, a few highly recommended products are Lira Clinical BIO Enzyme Cleanser, and Lira Clinical MYSTIQ iLuminating Cleanser. We highly recommend a double cleanse! To double cleanse, using a more specific cleanser like an acne cleanser or a salicylic acid based cleanser, wash your face again. Gently pat dry. For example, to treat acne, try using Lira Clinical PRO Exfoliating Cleanser or Lira Clinical ICE Sal Cleanser as your double cleanser. If we fall sleep with dirty faces, dirt and bacteria are them able to find home in our pores and can cause acne! Even if you didn't wear makeup that day, washing your face is a MUST!

5. Apply, layer, all of your treatments, retinoids, peptides, serums and moisturizers to your face and neck (also top of hands) before bed! We recommend rotating your retinoids, resurfacing acids, and clarifying treatments at night as needed throughout the week; Apply these to your clean, damp skin before any serums or moisturizers. Give your skin a balance by rotating your first layer and not doing the same treatments too often. Then, follow up with your peptide rich serums and finally your indulgent moisturizer. Lip balm. Boom!

For Example of a Faint Beauty-Approved bedtime routine using our Lira Clinical Product Collections will look something like this:

1. First cleanse with Lira Clinical BIO Enzyme Cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and debris.

2. Double cleanse with Lira Clinical PRO Exfoliating Cleanser to target dullness.

3. Indulge your clean dry skin with peptide-rich Lira Clinical BIO Hydra Infusion and finally

4. Top your beautiful glowing skin off with the crème de la crème of rich-hydrating moisturizers, Lira Clinical BIO Caviar Creme, discover luxury hydration and the beauty of brightening botanicals.

Follow our Five Faint Beauty Basics regularly to natural glowing skin!